6 Acre 9 Mustang Solar/Green Estate


There are many benefits of living in Bell Canyon – read through this very carefully. This is a up most unique area.

The area is located in Ventura County off the 101 Freeway in an unincorporated city surrounded by West Hills, Hidden Hills and Woodland Hills – yes Hilly! To enter the area of Bell Canyon you have to go through the 24/7 Manned Guard Shack. You must show Government issued ID and present first and last name. When you get past the gates you will be in another area unique to any other in Southern California.

Bell Canyon 24/7 Guard Shack
Bell Canyon 24/7 Manned Guard Shack

Driving down the quiet streets past the guard shack you will pass a Bus Stop, Baseball Fields, Horse Trails, Jogging Trails, Nature at its best.

You might spot some deers, rabbits, squirrels, hawks, eagles, coyotes, mountain lions, and possibly some people riding their horses or walking their dogs.

The Home Owner’s Association is only $285 a month that includes the parks, hiking trails, guards, and waste management. Oh, there is also an area with community tennis courts and a beautiful gym. (Even tho the house we are checking out on this site has their own private tennis court and Basketball court.)

Bell Canyon Gym
9 Mustang Gym

If you would like to take riding instructions or rent a horse Bell Canyon can help you out.

9 Mustang Lane is a Double Cul Da Sac Lane with 360 Degree Views

Bell Canyon Horse Property

This is just a sample of the beautiful views off Mustang Lane – with their own trail.

Bell Canyon 9 Mustang
9 Mustang Lane Double Guarded 300 Foot Driveway from Street

Approximately 6 Acres of Nature, Beauty, Privacy + Zoned for up to 30 Horses

Like to just be surrounded by nature? Hikes? Horse Back Riding? Tennis? Swim? Hang? BBQ? Read?

Entry 9 Mustang
Great Room Overlooking Mountains and Pool
Great Room 9 Mustang Overlooking Pool and Mountains
9 Mustang Kitchen
Kitchen with Island, SubZero Appliances
Salt Water/Solar Pool/Spa
Salt Water Pool/Spa 9 Mustang Lane
Master Bedroom 9 Mustang
Master Bedroom 9 Mustang

Benefits of living at 9 Mustang? Solar for the Whole Home and Pool/Spa. Back Up Generator. Quiet. Room to add a Guest House.

Contact us for more information. 818-4371585. Susan Alfano

Why Bell Canyon and Why 9 Mustang?

9 Mustang Lane

Are you looking for a Home With Privacy that You can Raise a Family and Still Work from Home?

This is the place – 5+ Acres set back from a cul da sac with the a private gate making the estate double gated with the 24/7 Guard Shack.

Blog ~ Bell Canyon Estate for Sale and Info On Surrounding Area

Do you enjoy horses? Do you enjoy Nature?

Riding Facilites in Bell Canyon

Bell Canyon is the place if you just said YES! YES! A small Community with Big Estates Unique in Land and Square Footage. Almost all homes are an acre and have a pool. The area of Bell Canyon is so quiet that you can perform any kind of business and no one will bother you. You are allowed horses on your property and you can join the Community Horse area and ride on their property – or if you are so smart to purchase a home with a Private Riding ring adjacent to trails —- all the more.

You can wake up in the morning and see the moon above, birds busy singing and eating, mountains of vast life and land before time. Beautiful trees and plants instead of cars and traffic. Sunrises and Sunsets you would never imagine.

The community of Bell Canyon has change since 2020 in these ways:

More Restaurants will deliver your food.

Whole Foods, Amazon Prime, Amazon Fresh, Pavilion’s, and Walmart Deliver almost in 24 hours.

The Bell Canyon APP has been updated – there are so many choices of Food delivery – such as:

Farmer’s Market with Fresh fruits, veggies, Breads that are fantastic, or– order a Whole Meal prepared and have it ready every Friday.

Restaurants have picked certain days of the week to leave your dinners at the Association Office- Italian, Pizza, Chinese and more.

Basically – you never have to leave home – which is great + if you are so lucky to purchase a home with Solar – you never even have to go to the Gas Station! © S. Alfano 2021 All Rights Reserved.



Oh my gosh – wouldn’t it be so nice to magically appear in your new Home Purchase with all your stuff magically appearing. Breaking down the Moving, packing process into to-do lists will help make the transaction less stressful.

You’ve signed all the paperwork and the ball is rolling ….

Research ahead of time with Better Business Bureau, recommendations from family and friends, Yelp reviews, and others.

Consider checking with your Insurance Agent if you need coverage for your move. When you contact Movers ask what Insurance Coverage they have or if it is already covered in your policy.

If you are moving to a brand new area, research banks in the area, Doctors, and Schools. Keep paperwork in a special file or scan onto an app on your phone.

Get 3 written estimates from licensed moving companies. You might even want to have a moving company come to your home to go over your inventory and give you a REAL estimate.

Keep a running list of Businesses and Companies you need to send a change of address. Remember online companies, too.

Put boxes in each room – make a room by room plan.

Use up food in your Freezer and Refrigerator – check you Subscribe and Save Orders on Amazon to make sure goodies are not going to the old address.

Put aside valuables, paperwork, and heirlooms, pack them with your own move. Do not put valuables with a moving company.

Take photos of all big ticket items to make sure they do not get scratched or dented in the move.


  1. Packing the items you use daily too early.
  2. Packing your important contact information – important papers for Insurance, Health, Licensees, etc.
  3. Packing items that you will be donating – don’t ever intend to use again.
  4. Hiring A Mover at the Last Minute.
  5. Choosing the Lowest Priced Mover.
  6. Packing Lots of Heavy Items in a Huge Box.
  7. Using Produce Boxes from the Grocery store – – can have pests in them.
  8. Not packing items per each room for next location.
  9. Not getting Mover’s Quote in writing.
  10. Spending too much times wrapping up items that are not valuable.
  11. Not making a Checklist.
  12. Not keeping an emergency first aid kit handy.

How To SEARCH your Property History Six Ways

How to Search Your Property’s History?

Take some time to read this article before you buy a house and learn how you can find out all there’s to know about the property’s past!

There could be a bunch of reasons why you’d want to know the history of your house (or house to be)… 

And the reasons could be a mix of genuine necessity and plain human curiosity.

Those with a curious mind would probably want to know, what was their house like decades ago and what families have lived there over the years…if the walls could talk.

Whereas, those with a genuine need may be digging the history because they’re about to purchase a new place.

If you fall in any of the two categories this article is definitely for you!

So, let’s start our search…

1) Sift through the Property Listings

Make use of this guide and learn how to delve into the history of your own house – that’s so exciting, isn’t it?

That’s where you should get started!

According to a recent survey, about 84% of the buyers looking for a property’s history find the online listing descriptions “very useful.”

How to get there? Easy…

Just Google the property’s address and it’ll take you right to the property’s description.

But, the descriptions will provide only limited information. So if you’re looking to dig deeper (like old photos), the second option is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Remember, the MLS is exclusively for real estate agents so you’d want to get in touch with one to give you access to the MLS. Good Luck.

2) Use the Public Records

Yes, property records are public information and they are open to everyone.

You can begin searching through the public records by using the Public Records Online Directory which is free to use.

But, not every state or county keeps such records online and if that’s the case you’ll probably have to drive to the City Hall, regional tax office or wherever they store the archives in your locality.  

Once you have your hands on the public records a heap of useful (and useless) information will open up to you.

The data you may get in the public records includes: 

– Tax history 

– Owners’ history

– Property deeds

– Litigation history

– Architectural type

– Class of property, and… much more!  

3) National Registry of Historic Places

If the property you’re interested in is an old historic house then you can look up its history through the National Register of History Places.

And if your house is not on their list another very similar resource at hand is State Historic Preservation Office.

Usually, if your house is historic its history must be recorded with those two. 

Try them, and see what you can find…

You can begin searching through the public records by using the Public Records Online Directory which is free to use.

But, not every state or county keeps such records online and if that’s the case you’ll probably have to drive to the City Hall, regional tax office or wherever they store the archives in your locality.  

Once you have your hands on the public records a heap of useful (and useless) information will open up to you.

The data you may get in the public records includes: 

– Tax history 

– Owners’ history

– Property deeds

– Litigation history

– Architectural type

– Class of property, and… much more!  

3) National Registry of Historic Places

If the property you’re interested in is an old historic house then you can look up its history through the National Register of History Places.

And if your house is not on their list another very similar resource at hand is State Historic Preservation Office.

Usually, if your house is historic its history must be recorded with those two. 

Try them, and see what you can find…

4) Look through Census Records

That’s a great source if you’re like a Sherlock Holmes kind of person.

Because through the census records you can access the information related to the previous owners.

You could find out, who lived in your house before you, how many children they had, names, birthplaces, marital status and all that goes into a census record.

But the older the record the slimmer the chances of enough information, particularly in the US. 

You know why? 

Because most of the oldest census records got burnt down in a fire in 1921 in the Commerce Department Building!

5) Have a Chat with Neighbors

Well, this is a very good, non-official, way to get to know about a house’s history. Isn’t it?

Just strike up a talk with a neighbor and ask them about the past of the property.

If they’ve been living there for a long time (and they’ve been nosy enough) who could tell you better about the house than they can?

But, yeah, they can’t give you the official version, obviously.

It’s just in most humans’ (or neighbors’) nature to blow things out of proportion and tell you cooked-up stories… 

6) Ask a Local Real Estate Agent

This can be a really useful and effective source, but it’s most likely NOT free!

A local real estate agent can tell you all about a property.

They can give you any details you want, plus they can even advise you whether you should go for the deal or not, but you’re going to have to dish out some cash first!

No… That’s Not All!

The above six sources are the best ones to take you back to the roots of your house but they are not the only ones.

Depending on your house’s age and your state’s history you can find tons of additional sources…

Like the old historical maps of your state or city, books and magazines related to your area, police records, fire records, and so on…

So, don’t give up. Keep digging. Something will come out of it.

Yeah, that’s all now!  

6 must do Upgrades to Increase the Value of Your House

Read this article and learn about 5 easy ways you can increase the value of your property by $$$$$$

Do you believe increasing your house value is a task that’s going to require lots of investment and effort?

Get your home sold fast with some quick clean up tips.

You know, just paying a bit of attention to the interiors and exteriors of your house can change the game for you ALTOGETHER…

‘Optics’ is what we’re talking about here…

The ONE thing that takes your house’s value down is hard-on-the-eye optics. 

In simple words scars of negligence!

While just the opposite – pleasant and well-maintained houses – work as treat for the eyes and their value goes up like anything, fingers crossed.

That’s because people love to look at them and when they love to look at them they’ll want to live in them.

Makes sense?

Now, let’s take a look at SIX easy upgrades that you can make to your home to make its value go up!

  1. Clean up those walls! These are the bones of the house, right? Dirty walls with fading paint and scratches will never impress anyone. If short on time at least hose down the outside walls.

2) Get the Blatant Repairs Done

Is your home shouting, ‘I need repairs’? They will stand out more than the beauty.

One thing that prospective homebuyers will look out for is the repairs required in your house.

Which makes it safe to assume that the more repairs your house needs the less is going to be its value, fair enough?

So, get down to fixing your house. Finish the repair works which keep your house’s value down. Go through each room and make a list. Possibly redo light switch covers, replace old fan, check marks that can be easily wiped down, oil woods.

Spend a bit on the repairs before you can expect a rise in the property value!

3) Upgrade the Windows 

Now this is tricky because in some areas – you need a Permit to replace the windows. Check with your area first.

Clean windows, clean screen and make sure no rips or holes in any of the screens

People are really controlled by their sensory perceptions mostly, so it’s important that you make your house the best sensory experience possible.

Now, windows play an important part there (No not the Microsoft Windows…)

So, if your house windows have got cheap plastic blinds, aluminum ones or paper shades just get rid of them, they take away so much of the value…

Instead, consider putting up wood or plantation shutters or decent drapery.

Also, make sure the windows allow enough sunlight in your rooms because houses deprived of sunlight give many visitors a very pathetic, draining feel. 

4) Boost Your Bathrooms and Kitchen

According to the cost vs. value report remodeling your bathrooms will recoup about 87% to 94% of your investment.

Which means you should go about giving your bathrooms a fresher look.

So what improvements can you make?

First of all, consider re-grouting the floor, then you could repaint the walls and replace the old, outdated fixtures with newer, more fashionable ones.

Like for around $40 to $100 you can get a new sink faucet, or spending just $80 you can install a spa-style luxury shower head.

As for the kitchen, a report from Remodeling Magazine says you can expect to gain back about 62 to 81 percent on your kitchen investment.

But, there’s no need to go crazy over the renovation…

Little improvements like repainting the cabinets, replacing old fixtures with their modern versions, and installing energy-efficient options can easily boost the appearance of your kitchen!

5) Give Your Home a Homey Look

That should be a no-brainer!

Anyone coming to see your house on a showing will only feel good about it when your house has the ‘home’ feeling to it. 

If your house is messy, the yard unkempt and the cellar looking like a ghost house most buyers won’t think twice before walking away!

So, if you’re looking to sell your house for a higher value make sure your house looks like a home.

A sweet, cozy home that the buyer would WANT to spend their life in!

6) Check the Smells in Each Room. Open windows, wipe down all horizontal surfaces, and use some vinegar to remove stinks.

Home Sweet Home…

In the end, it’s still your home anyway, and it’s up to you what type of home improvements you’re interested in going for…

But, if you intend to sell your house down the road make sure the remodeling pays off on the sale.

BECAUSE not every remodel will increase your house value, you know. ©2021 Susan Alfano All Rights Reserved.

In fact, some will decrease it!

10 Qualities of A Great neighborhood

Measuring the qualities of a good neighborhood

Bell Canyon Horse Property
Bell Canyon is At One with Nature

What to you would be the qualities of a good residential environment? A study was conducted by interviewing subjects on what they wanted in a neighborhood. Various qualities they came up with were: A lively city, Security, feeling of a small town, a place for family and home life, an area where one feels removed from part of the city, an area with high quality stores, high quality restaurants, a place to raise children, a place that is entirely residential, a place where people take care of one another, an area where there is no pressure to have to talk to your neighbor or join their social group, residents can be private and go their own ways, similar lifestyles, access to medical care, good schools, neighbors take care of one another.

In Conclusion, a Great Neighborhood is not something that just happens. The workings of many factors coming together- Beauty, Nature, Design, Parks, Community, Low Crime, Neighbors who care, Creativity and diversity, and a happy environment.

Bell Canyon California, Ventura County is a Small Area tucked in behind Hidden Hills and West Hills off Valley circle and the 101 Freeway. 24/7 Guard Gated. Low HOA $280 per month. Miles and miles of Hiking Trails.

9 Mustang Lane in Bell Canyon is one of the homes in Bell Canyon Community with 5.7 acres and zoned for up to 30 horses. Adjacent to WaterFall Trail. Set off a Cul da Sac with Private Gate – 300 foot driveway with Nest Cameras and Whole Home Solar, Pebble Tek Salt Water Pool has solar with average temperature of water around 90 Degrees F. 5800 sq. foot home for a family or a Writer, Musician – any person that appreciates nature and quiet.

Contact me today for more information.


  1. A Lively City – People are looking for an area that people move about by keeping their homes kept up, socialize, happy in life. A stagnate area with cars parked on the lawns with overgrowth, weed hazards does not make for a wanted neighborhood.
  2. SECURITY – Besides living in a lively community – People would prefer living in a Guard Gated Community if the Dollars worked out. This means that you are living in an island of safety.
  3. FEELING OF A SMALL TOWN – Having a wide range of options for either a small home with no land or a big home and lots of space makes for a good neighborhood. Living in a gated community is similar to a small town.
  4. A PLACE FOR FAMILY AND HOME – Living near parks, hiking trails, nature, Baseball parks, Community parties, helps make your neighborhood some place that will make you feel at home.
  5. BEING CLOSE TO STORES – and DELIVERIES – Well things have surely changed with the Pandemic and shopping…a great neighborhood will have both. Bell Canyon has Food trucks come each Friday night, every week day they have a different restaurant in the area that delivers food, every Friday they have a Local Farm Co-op that delivers home made foods and fresh vegetables/fruits.
  6. A PLACE TO RAISE CHILDREN – There are areas for single people and areas for families. Sometimes single people like to live in a family environment. The study shows most people would prefer to live in a family environment; an area in proximity to many places to keep practicing your hobbies, hiking, tennis, trails, jogging, +++ outdoor activities, knitting club, book club, etc.
  7. CLOSE TO MEDICAL CARE – Bell Canyon/West Hills has a Large Hospital and Very Good Group of Doctors and medical care right here in the neighborhood (And they do not charge $2 every 15 minutes for parking.)
  8. GOOD SCHOOLS – Las Virgenes School District – Bell Canyon – is a High Rated School District.
  9. NEIGHBORS HAVE PRIVACY AND COME AND GO AS THEY PLEASE – Living in an environment where you do not live on top of one another and hear everything. The smallest lot is 1/2 an acre.
  10. NEIGHBORS TAKING CARE OF ONE ANOTHER – Bell Canyon has a Slogan “Bell Canyon Strong” – Neighbors have a Facebook Page, a Website and Newsletters plus a Community Center where everyone can check in when needed.

Bell Canyon, CALIFORNIA – Ventura County ~ Just off 101 & Valley Circle Blvd

Bell Canyon, CALIFORNIA – Ventura County ~ Just off 101 & Valley Circle Blvd


Bell Canyon Facts

Bell Canyon is located off of ValleyCircle Blvd. in the Eastern Ventura County – in between West Hills and Hidden Hills…in a gated community – Western San Fernando Valley. In 2010 the Census showed Bell Canyon’s population at 2,049 residents. There was a study done in 2016 stating that Bell Canyon is the 7th wealthiest community in California with an annual median income of $230,000. (Incomes in this area are upwards of Millions of Dollars.)

Bell Canyon has a Home Owner’s Association with a monthly of $265 includes Trash Pick Up, 24/7 Security Guard, HOAGym, HOA Tennis, Parks, Equestrian Center, Baseball Fields, Hiking +++. The area is approximately 3.62 Square Miles. Elevation is 1,368 ft (417m). Zip Code is 91307. Area Codes 818 and 747. Website :

For more info on living in Bell Canyon pop me a message on my. Contact Us Page – We have lived here over 30 years and Love the Beauty, Nature and extreme Peaceful Environment on our 5+ Acres with expansive views. © 2021


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